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An entrepreneur, researcher, and consultant with 15 years of experience working for donors, development agencies, private enterprises, and government entities. He co-founded LightCastle Partners: a consulting firm looking to foster inclusive economic growth for Bangladesh and beyond. He has extensive research and project implementation experience across multiple sectors and loves to solve development problems, adopting a systemic approach.

Staying on Top of Global Macro, Meso, and Micro Drivers

We live in a highly integrated world, and events on the other side of the universe can have ramifications at both the macro, meso, and micro levels. For example, think about how the Ukraine-Russia war has had a disruptive impact on our economy and across the globe, emanating from the sanction-led upheavals in the international commodities markets.

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Book Review: The Defiant Optimist

I often don’t do book reviews, apart from my annual listing of my best reads. But this one simply couldn’t wait, considering the impact it had on me. The author of ‘The Defiant Optimist’, Dureen, is one of the accomplished Bangladeshis creating waves in the international domain. Her checkered career in investment banking, microfinance, development finance, media, social entrepreneurship, and academia held her in good stead when she founded Impact Investment Exchange (IIX).

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