Staying on Top of Global Macro, Meso, and Micro Drivers

We live in a highly integrated world, and events on the other side of the universe can have ramifications at both the macro, meso, and micro levels. For example, think about how the Ukraine-Russia war has had a disruptive impact on our economy and across the globe, emanating from the sanction-led upheavals in the international commodities markets.

No matter what we do for our livelihood, we all need to remain abreast of the inner workings of the global economy and also be aware of the shifting sands of the geopolitical landscape. Unfortunately, due to the capacity limitations of our local print media outlets, I have to rely on international magazines, newspapers, online media platforms, and podcasts for more cutting-edge analyses. Sharing a list of some useful content sources that I regularly consult:


  1. The Economist Magazine
  2. Foreign Affairs
  3. Foreign Policy
  4. Business Today
  5. Entrepreneur

Newspapers and Online Portals:

  1. Wall Steet Journal
  2. New York Times
  3. Bloomberg Business Week
  4. Project Syndicate
  5. Financial Times


  1. The Economist Podcast: Checks and Balance, The Intelligence, Babbage, Money Talks
  2. Financial Times: News Briefing
  3. WSJ: The Journal
  4. Al Jazeera: Inside Story Podcast
  5. BBC Global News Podcast

Apart from podcasts, most online portals have firewalls that restrict unauthorized access. However, you can subscribe to the British Council’s online membership, worth BDT 1500 per annum, and get free access to a wide variety of magazines like The Economist and The Wall Street Journal.

What media content do you consume on a regular basis?

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